15 June - 13 July 2016

The Print Room is proud to announce its inaugural online exhibition, Grit and Glamour, showcasing some of the greatest portraiture and fashion photography from 1953 until 2010. It is a visual feast of famous faces from the world of cinema, rock’n’roll, theatre and fashion, spanning the last six decades of British and American popular culture. 


The collection includes a number of notable photographs by Elliott Erwitt, Terence Donovan, Ormond Gigli, Patrick Lichfield and others. Well-known images include Terry O'Neill's famous photographs of Brigitte Bardot on the set of The Legend of Frankie King in 1971, Frank Sinatra with his bodyguards in Miami Beach in 1968, and Faye Dunaway the morning after her Oscar win in 1976 - all of which have become iconic pictures. Less known are images by Mark Shaw which include his 1954 photograph of a model wearing a Dior hat which was used as the cover of Dior's book Dior Glamour 1952 - 1962, published by Rizzoli in 2013. Shaw has also captured a rare glimpse of Jackie Kennedy looking relaxed and happy at home in Georgetown in 1959 during the Kennedy US presidential campaign. Other lesser-known images include Douglas Kirkland's photograph Douglas Kirkland and Marilyn Monroe, A Night to Remember November 17, 1961, which takes you behind the scenes of the famous photo shoot that was a turning point in Kirkland's career. 


The show also contains portraits of famous musicians by photographers such as Mick Rock, Brian Duffy, Norman Seef and Mark Seliger. In 1992 Seliger became chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine, and during his 10 year tenure shot over 125 covers featuring stars as diverse as the Beastie Boys, Kurt Cobain and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Since then he has remained a significant photographer for GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair for whom he has photographed stars as diverse as Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba and Jeff Bridges, all of whom are included in this exhibition.


All exhibition prints are available to view in person at Beetles+Huxley gallery on request.