Fashion – A Curated Selection of Photographs by Print Room Photographers, 1939 - 2011

15 - 21 February 2017

In celebration of London Fashion Week which begins this Friday, Print Room would like to present Fashion – A Curated Selection of Photographs by Print Room Photographers. Highlighting works from the 1930s to today, these images illustrate the historic importance of photographers to the fashion industry. Likewise fashion photography played a vital role in forging the careers of all the photographers celebrated in this feature, and many of them enjoyed long standing relationships with VogueHarper’s BazaarQueen Magazine and other influential publications.


In the 1950s Norman Parkinson and Jerry Schatzberg photographed voluminous skirts with cinched in waists, and streamlined pencil skirts accessorised with short white gloves and red lipstick.

The 1960s saw a dramatic shift in fashion with the introduction of many diverse and futuristic trends. Most iconic of all of course was the mini-skirt, championed by Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy, which quickly became an everyday wardrobe staple. Jackie Kennedy set the benchmark for high fashion and Chanel's classic two piece suit was soon at the top of many a woman's wish list, as captured here by Melvin Sokolsky.


The 1970s the mini skirt was replaced by the midi, bell bottoms became more streamlined and David Bowie became a fashion icon wearing spray-on-leotards and brightly coloured suits as captured here by Mick Rock. The futuristic designs he wore were ground-breaking, and became iconic fashion symbols of their time.