Filippo Minelli b. 1983

Filippo Minelli was born in Brescia, Italy in 1983. He uses smoke bombs in his ongoing series "Silence/Shapes" as an artistic device that arose from his own political activism. Social and political issues have always stood at the heart of Minelli's oeuvre, and he is inspired by ideas of demonstration and protest.


A natural step from his graffiti and street art, the camera allowed Minelli to make the smoke bomb, a wholly transient form of protest, into something enduring and permanent, capturing and preserving an otherwise fleeting energy. As the shapes in Minelli's photographs vary, so do their message. In some vibrant eruptions brim with energy and movement, whilst in others gentle mists suggest the transience of time.


Minelli's work is often less about 'capturing the moment' than capturing the aftermath. One thing that remains consistent throughout the work is a sense of displacement. Picturing coloured clouds landed in desolate, undisturbed nature, or pigmenting the air of deserted industrial caverns, Minelli's imagery brings together the silence of the still landscape with a resounding and enigmatic force.


Fillippo Minelli has had work exhibited in major galleries and museums throughout Europe, including at the Venice Biennale and Somerset House, London. He held a solo show at Beetles+Huxley in the summer of 2015.